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About Wiyo Event App

Wiyo event app combines all the best features of poppular event apps and deliver a simple solution custom made to your event. Favourite features such as event schedule, exhibitor information, event map, speakers, news alerts and in app chatting make the app very useful for anyone attending the event.

In business it is all about the follow up. The main advantage about this app is providing a platform for attendees to communicate after the event. The chat and social networking features allow attendees to know better about each other’s businesses and discover the opportunities.

For event organisers this app provides two very important features: Analytics and future event alerts. These two features will allow the organisers better understand their attendees and provides an effective platform to market future events.

Wiyo app is launching soon, we are currently inviting a selected number of events to try our app. If you want to be on the list please get in contact with us.

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Wiyo event app combines the best features and package them into one easy to use app


Dedicated page for each exhibitor


Smart scheduling of the events

Event information

Comprehensive information about the event

Event map

Provide interactive maps inside the event


Direction and transport information


Chat with other attendees and network


Latest news for the industry and event news


Featured speakers profiles


Comprehensive analytics of the attendees

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